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Project ENTER SK brings already existing skills, expertise and know-how from various educational institutions, from 3 countries, together and uses this valuable international experience in order to develop best possible quality products.

Project reacts to concrete need of lacking innovative teaching and learning materials for vocational foreign language teaching in the professions of HRC (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) in the VET system in Slovakia, where currently vocational language curricula and related support didactic materials, that would be accessible for schools, do not exist. Therefore, project primarily aims at filling this gap by development of vocationally oriented online learning platform suitable for blended learning or distant learning, based on individual interactive use, enabling individualised and differentiated approach for the language levels A1-B2 in vocational English, German and French, related to HRC field of study.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commision.

LdV "ENTER SK" 2011-1-SK1-LEO05-02884



30/05/2014 Vývoj e-learningu pre ďalšie odbory
Vyvinuli sme lekcie angličtiny a nemčiny aj pre odbory autoopravár, kaderník a vizážista, vrátane učebníc. Radi Vám k tomu povieme viac, kontaktujte nás.